-I do trust you, to a certain extent. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t even tell you this much.- Kyouko.
Girl who loves videogames and anime/manga.
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(Fonte: toeianimation)


BFFs…. well kinda…By 神之豆腐 on PIXIV


BFFs…. well kinda…

By 神之豆腐 on PIXIV


'Thank you, Cloud.'

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Ohhey remember when I said I was going to make these stickers on a weekly basis? Neither do I, but here’s some anyway! They can be found in my online store.




This was going to be part of a planned set with other alternative designs/costumes, but I thought it stood on its own well enough. Maybe I should turn it into a proper painting one of these days.


To those who asked about the screencaps: You play as Sei, and it’s gen, so if you want to romance the not-twins or Aoba you’re going to be disappointed. The script’s been sent to a friend to go over, and if it’s deemed fit for human consumption then I’ll finish making the game. It’s written just to test out the engine, so don’t expect anything spectacular.


DMMd - Bullet for Open Eyes

Usui n Ren would have been real best bro’s with benefits.


Inspiration and text are from the song: "Laika"



✂   Fukuo